I struggled for years trying to figure out why I couldn’t make a fitness plan stick. It felt like I had tried everything, and just kept failing over and over again. I was finally able to learn the concept of balance in my life, which made all the difference in my life.

Because of this change, I make sure to teach my clients balance in their lives and help them to overcome the things that have held them back in the past- whether that be lack of time, lack of motivation, or too much too soon and then a relapse.

My main focus with my clients is not only teaching balance, but also teaching how to have fun with fitness, new workout styles to try, and pushing them out of their comfort zones. Working with me will allow you to achieve your fitness goals without giving up the things you enjoy.

Want to see lasting change?

Working with me will help you to:

-Change your mindset about fitness and nutrition

-Teach you how to be confident in your body- stretch makes, cellulite and all!

-Help you to overcome your mental blocks and achieve lasting results

-Learn how to incorporate fitness into your life without feeling like you have to sacrifice your mental health

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